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Kathy’s Story


My name is Kathy. During my childhood I was sexually assaulted & molested by my mother. In my sophomore year of high school I met Danny who became my boyfriend. Because of my unhappy childhood Danny made a plan that I went along with in order to get away from the abuse in my home  … get pregnant, get married, and get out. I thought I loved him so much that I agreed to do anything. It didn’t take long before I became pregnant. I told my mother right away.  I was sixteen years old. The next few days were a blur. My mother took me to a gynecologist & my pregnancy was confirmed…what I didn’t know was that “THIS” was when things were put into motion to Murder Ely, my unborn baby.  The next thing I remember I was in the hospital. Danny was there to visit & even though we didn’t know it at the time he was holding me which included my unborn child ,Ely, for the last time.  I was “forced” to murder my 1st unborn son, Ely. I didn’t know I had a choice, when I woke in the recovery room I touched my tummy & I started to cry but then I heard a noise so I stopped, it was my mother.  She looked down at me & said “Now, you’re the slut of the family.” When I returned home a few days later EVERYTHING that Danny, Ely’s daddy, had ever given me, except the sweetheart ring on my finger was Gone!!!  

This is just “part” of the story….



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