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Kelly’s Story

babycarriagep“Kelly” went to an abortionists for a gynecological exam. She was divorced and started to tell him that she wanted to start taking birth control pills because she had decided to date again. The abortionist gave her his phone number, asked her out for dinner, and invited her to his home. They soon began a sexual relationship. Months later Kelly told him that she was pregnant. He insisted that she come to his office. He performed a pregnancy test on her, told her she was not pregnant, and insisted that he help her start her period. Later she complained of fever, chills, cramping, and excessive bleeding. Her boyfriend/abortionists made arrangements for her to go to a hospital where she would be given intravenous medication. Instead, he tricked her into signing forms for a D&C. Afterward, he asked her how she was feeling about the abortion.

Story taken from the Indiana Medical Board of Disciplinary Action Cause No. 89 MLB 0003


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  1. Margaret B.
    August 31, 2013

    That is just sick. It is also very sad.

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