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Jane Roe’s Story

babycarriagepJane Roe

On March 29, 1997, a young, pregnant woman we’ll call Jane Roe II entered the Aware Woman Center for Choice in Florida for an abortion. She was undressed and put on the operating table. Soon after the procedure began, she felt a pain pierce her vitals. Racked by “extreme, excessive pain in her abdomen,” she begged the abortionist to stop.

The abortionist, Dr. William P. Egherman, stopped, but only to order his assistants to pin her to the table and then he continued, stopping again only when he realized that he had pulled part of Jane’s intestines out of her vagina.

Jane was eventually taken by ambulance to an emergency room where it was discovered that Egherman had perforated her uterus and lacerated her colon. Follow-up surgery was required to remove her now-dead baby and repair her internal organs.

With the help of pro-life attorneys Michael Hirsch and Christopher Sapp, Jane filed suit against Egherman and the owners of the abortion clinic. She charged that their actions violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE)



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